Requirements for Cultural Awareness/Inclusiveness Initiative Certificate*

Successful completion in the Cultural Awareness section of the certificate is required for admission to the second level of the Inclusiveness Initiative Certificate. Students who successfully complete this section will receive a Cultural Awareness Certificate of Completion.

  • Complete application process with certificate administrator
  • Enroll and complete 9 credit hours of approved diversity-based or inclusiveness-based courses or a diversity-based minor (e.g., Latino/a Studies)
  • Participate in 4 diversity-based or cultural based campus events (e.g., Tunnel of Oppression)
  • Participate in a one-day community service event (e.g., LEAPS)


Requirements for Experience & Community Service/Inclusiveness Initiative Certificate*

Experience: Complete two of the following activities

  • Serve in a leadership position in an organization which promoted inclusivity on the TCU campus (e.g., Soul Steppers, NAACP, SAICA)
  • Complete Intentional Dialogue training
  • Participate in a TCU-sponsored cultural immersion trip (Atlantic Slave Trade Bus Tour)
  • Participate in a Study Abroad program

Community Service: Complete one of the following

  • 30 hours of Community Service (10 hours per semester) in approved local service program
  • 30 hours of Community Service (10 hours per semester) in approved local mentoring program
  • Conduct and research a community needs assessment

Students who successfully complete the Experience & Community Service section of the certificate will receive an Experience & Community Service Certificate of Completion as well as a set of Honor Cords to wear at graduation.

*For details, please contact Dr Cheryl Taylor, Inclusiveness Initiative Certificate Administrator, at 817-257-5557 or